Sunday, 19 October 2014


Things have been pretty busy recently. The company I work for got bought up this year, and it's been pretty busy leading up to transition day. I've also been house hunting, and looking into whether I should buy my parents house that I'm currently living in, or find somewhere else, so we've been going on house viewings and have three more today. And last, but not least, three weekends ago Graeme and I sat down, had a few whisky sours and started planning our wedding.

We've actually been engaged for three years now, so I guess it's about time we took the next step. So we spent that evening perusing Pinterest, making plans and getting excited. The following week we started looking at venues, and fell instantly for the second venue we looked at and got it booked. We've attended a wedding fair and have two more scheduled. And yesterday we spent the day making our save the date cards. A few of our guests will be coming from pretty far, so we want to give them plenty of time to make their arrangements.

Graeme designed these using a photo I took with my Diana mini, and the fonts Wisdom Script (free/donations from here!) and Neutra Display (we also made a more censored version that reads "It just got real" to send to relatives). We printed them at home, and I'm really excited about the result. (So excited that I'm posting this blog post the day after we mailed them, so for some of you this will be a bit of a spoiler.) Shit just got real, guys!

Friday, 26 September 2014


I was over at my parents' place, playing IT support for my dad when my mom came in, showing me a bunch of knitting patterns for baby clothes. My dad tried to shoo her out, but my mother replied with urgency that I only had just over three months before my sister was due, and as my sister doesn't knit it's important I knit something for the baby. Not that I wasn't thinking about knitting something anyway, I've just not done much knitting recently. My morganite cardigan has been at a standstill for months (this just happens to coincide with me hitting the complicated part of the pattern), and I haven't had any other projects on the go as I felt I should finish the cardigan before I start something else. I have too many UFOs as it is.

But you heard my mom! If I'm gonna knit something (and still have time to make Christmas presents!), I had to get started. So I started a baby blanket, and decided to go for Pickle's Little Star Baby Blanket in all yellow, using Drop's Baby Merino. It's so soft! It took me a couple of lines to really get the pattern, but now I'm on a bit of a roll and I'm about halfway through. I think the hardest and most time consuming part so far has actually been making the foundation stitches--somehow I really struggled to estimate enough yarn to count out 99 stitches and had to do this twice haha. Numbers have never been my strong point.

Friday, 19 September 2014


If you're a regular reader, you may know that I visited my sister in South Korea earlier this year. I took lots of photos with my SLR camera (which I really need to make a photobook out ofASAP!), but I also took a couple of rolls of 120 film with my Diana F+. I had completely forgotten about them though, as they were hiding behind a couple Cadbury creme eggs in my fridge (that I sadly also forgot about and have now gone off. Fail!). So I was both excited and surprised when I got these back from the developer's. Even more so, when I realized that the other film I shot in Korea (also fisheye, of buildings on Geoje) appears to be hiding. I had a couple of really cool shots of the building my sister lived in on that film, so really hoping it turns up. But for now, here's a couple shots form my surprise film.

These were all shot on 120 film with the Diana F+. The ones shot with the Fisheye lens were from a cycling trip I took to the mountains on Geoje, while the others were shot at the beach in Busan.

Monday, 15 September 2014


So we went on a bit of a different photo adventure yesterday! I had borrowed the kayaks from work, so Graeme and I set out to explore a couple of the little islands in Gandsfjord, and we brought along my GoPro for the occasion. Whenever I've been kayaking before, the one thing that's always bothered me is how I've not been able to take any pictures. I've never wanted to risk taking an SLR or my phone with me, and somehow, none of mine and Graeme's 14 analog cameras are waterproof. A GoPro Hero3 White Edition on sale solved that problem (and oh my, we have SO many ideas of how to use this camera with Bo. yes, this is totally happening).

The first thing that happened on our little adventure, was that Graeme caught two mackerel. Yes, they're what's for dinner tonight. Next, we continued to this magical little island full of bunnies. I was first intrigued due to the weird structure in the picture below (room with a view, anyone?), and then as we got closer to the island I noticed some strangely shaped rocks... that turned out to be rabbits! I'm not entirely sure how they got there, as they looked like domesticated rabbits, but they seemed to be enjoying their little grassy island in the sun. We went ashore to explore, and on the other side of the island there was a small pebble beach where I went for a swim (my first swim in the sea in Norway this year, and it's in September...?), while Graeme paddled around and had his toes nibbled by the little fish.

Thursday, 11 September 2014


Hurrah, another sewing project! And this time, I made a skirt based on this tutorial from Tilly and the Buttons (which, by the way, is an awesome sewing blog, if you didn't already know about it!). I have a navy skirt similar to this one already, which has been a favorite for very many years (I actually wore it to mine and Graeme's first date eons ago, and I still love it! Ha!), so as soon as I saw Tilly's tutorial I knew I wanted to try making it.

I used a lovely cotton tartan (which gave me a bit of Scotland homesickness), and added black buttons down the front. It was my first time making a gathered skirt, making pockets and doing button holes, so I'm pretty impressed the buttons lined up with the holes. Which I had to do by hand by the way, as my very basic sewing machine doesn't do button holes. Plus, pocket no. 2 is way neater than pocket no. 1 haha. So I'm getting better, right? My novice sewing skills show a bit, but overall I'm really happy with the result, and I already want to make another one. Can't wait to wear this one as much as I've worn my navy one over the years!